Sunday, 3 July 2011

OH BOY !!!!

I put up this sign on the scaffolding as a bit of a laugh before everything went pear shaped. 
Tempting fate I think.

Well, it has been AGES since my last post.  I hadn't forgotten, I have just been sooooooo busy I haven't known whether I have been on my bum or my elbow!!

A quick round up.............................

Trying to sort out Kelseys 21st Birthday Album, Organising her Birthday Bash and have building works done.

We have desperately needed to have our house re-roofed for about the last 5 years. Basically it was slowly caving in on itself.  We thought, while we are having the roof done, we would have the loft boarded [properly] and roof windows put in. 

Finally, the scaffolding went up on Friday 3rd July, beautiful sunny day. The work was going to start on the Monday.  Saturday 4th July, another beautiful sunny day.  Sunday 5th July, another beautiful sunny day.  Sunday night, about 10pm, the heavens opened and it didn't really stop for three weeks.

So what with one thing and another things have been a tad hectic to say the least.

I spent Friday and Saturday hacking out about one inch of Bitumen out of our wonderful concrete gutters.  I WILL sort out the leak somehow.

I have been trying to get some things back on target, hence the very funky sunday outfit.

Well at least the roof is insulated and vapour barriered !!  Just got to put up the plasterboard now as well as re-lining the gutters [note to self - must phone the roofing suppliers tomorrow morning]  Don't I have a wonderful, exciting life?

Anyway,  I finished Kelseys album.  I just need to 'borrow' it back to take some photos.

That's it for now.  I am going to sit down and eat my much needed dinner and relax for the evening.  Tomorrow the fun begins again.

Take Care all

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  1. Oh Lesley, I wish you every bit of luck with all your building work, having gone though a whole hosue refurbishment, and it being knocked back to not more than a pile of bricks, lol! I totally understand what you're going through.
    It will be sooooo worth it, I promise!
    Really looking forward to seeing Kelsey's album too!
    Suzie xxxx :)