Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Almost there

Still haven't managed to get Kelseys Album back yet to take some photos but hopefully won't be too long now.


The good news is that my roof is almost finished along with the converted loft space which will be [when finished] MY DOMAIN  MWAHAHAHAHA !!!  [sorry, couldn't resist].

I have tried to upload some photos, but after 5 minutes of 'uploading' the photo has still yet to appear.  So I will try and add them again tomorrow.

But, a quick question........What do you have on the floor of your craft space?  Vinyl, wood, carpet, laminate? 

I think I need some outside help,  OH says carpet because it will keep any noise down because of the bedrooms underneath.  What does he think I am going to do up there, band practice?  But, Carpet is a pain in the bum to clean if stuff gets spilt and to get glitter etc., out of.

I think a vinyl of some description because it is easier to keep clean and reasonably comfortable to stand on for longish periods [I am a standing Crafter]

I don't like laminate floors from experience.

Any input would be most helpful.

Will try and upload the photos tomorrow

Take Care


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