Sunday, 1 May 2011

House warming gift

Happy Sunday to all,

Very sunny here in Kent, but a VERY chilly wind.  But at least the sun brightens our day doesnt it?

Kelsey [my daughter] is moving out soon to start her new job so I made this for her.  I got the idea from a talented lovely lady at THANKS NICKS !!

I added a few extras that mean something to Kelsey and us.

Started with this wood wall hanging thingy that I found in a Charity Shop, and based it out with white Acrylic Paint.  Then it went from there, stamped over the surfaces with various text and other stamps.  Added some papers from stash, and it just grew

and grew

I made a little book which contains the text below

A Piece of String - To tie things together when everything seems to be falling apart.
A Rubber Band - To stretch yourself beyond normal limits.
A Button - For your lips, so you'll always think before you speak.
A Penny [or two] - So you will never have to say "I'm broke".
A Knot - So when you reach the end of your tether, there is always something to hang on to.
A Marble - In case you ever feel like you are losing yours.
An Eraser - So you can make all your mistakes disappear.
A Lamp - So there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
A Hug and a Kiss - To remind you that someone, somewhere really cares about you.

Have a great day everyone and take care



  1. That's a beautiful gift - such a great idea!

  2. Its awesome !
    Well done you
    Nicks is a very inspirational lady x

  3. Wow thats gorgeous - well done you I am sure DD will love it! That little book is awesome what a brilliant idea!

  4. that is really awesome, I'm sure she will be delighted. I made something similar a few years ago with all my Grandchildren involved. Keep altering !

  5. Great idea, beautifully made :)

  6. WOW Lesley, what a wonderful gift from your heart, and so creative, love it! Fi xx