Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Happy Sunshine Day

What a beautiful day in Kent.  Hope it's the same over the UK.

Did I mention that I like books?  Well I do, a lot.  I have just found out how much.  Sometime this year we have to have our house re-roofed [is that actually a real word?], anyway, the loft space needs clearing.  I have started to do it gradually.  It's going to be a mission with a purpose though, because when it's done, the loft space will be converted and I will have my very own space. 

It's amazing how much stuff gets shoved in the loft over 30 years of marriage.

Empty boxes, gone.  Old childrens toys, sorted and gone [well kept some to be honest].  Old childrens clothes, sorted and gone.  Then we get to the books.  Oh dear, I never realised how many books I had.  I couldn't pack the boxes and bring them down the ladder, they were too heavy.  So, I had to get them down a pile at a time and then pack them.  DS2 did help for a while, but his attention span is about the same as a goldfish.

So, now the boxes of books are in the shed [which I had to clear out before I could get my books in].  Twenty four boxes and crates with an average of 30 books in each.  I have approximately 720 books !!.  Now, these are just hardback books, no novels etc., all non fiction, history, reference, pictures etc., 

This is my pile

I really think that when the roof and loft is sorted, I need to have fit some shelves and have my own library.


  1. Blimey !
    you do like books LOL

  2. that is a serious book collection Lesley! do hope the roof gets done so you can have your won space up there, fi from DC x